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Constaq condensed story

Our background

Constaq AB was started by Kristofer Nordqvist and Denis Bazhenov in 2020 in the small town of Kramfors, Sweden. In 2021 we hired our first employee. We host our own equipment in GDM Datacentre in Sundsvall, Sweden.

With more than 20 years of experience gained in different industry sectors, primarily cloud hosting, datacentres, corporate IT and large scale online services. We started up Constaq to be a service provider and IT consultancy.


How we work

It’s important for us to excel at the assignments and commitments that we make. We earn trust and build long-term relationships. Our competence scope is wide and comes from decades of work in large datacenters and international companies, designing and building globally distributed infrastructure of different
scales and redundancy levels. Vast experience helps us find simple solutions to complex challenges.

What we do

We provide diverse IT services: consulting, cloud storage, cloud compute capacity, managed services, large scale data and workload migrations, cost control, audit, pen-tests and stress-tests, backups, tailored “as-a-service” solutions and much more. Open-source products are a large part of our toolkit. We strive to build resilient, innovative IT solutions that keep up with the rapidly evolving tech world.

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