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Constaq Storing Ceph

Constaq offers scalable Ceph storage solutions tailored for businesses of any size, providing high-performance, fault-tolerant storage capable of handling demanding workloads. Built on open-source technology, our storage solutions ensure flexibility for block, object, or file storage with easy-to-use management tools. We customize our services to fit your specific needs and budget, ensuring your business benefits from a proven, evolving storage system. Contact us to discover how we can help your business thrive with our cutting-edge storage solutions.

The advantages with Ceph

Open source

Ceph storage is an open source software free to use and distribute. Ceph becoming the de-facto standard for Openstack deployment gives it the a strong community.



Ceph is a Software definede storage that scale both vertical and horizontal. Either add more disks or more servers.

Commodity hardware


Ceph is not vendor-locked and has no rigid hardware requirements. We can help you pick the best hardware for your deployment.

Colocation or on-prem


We offer Ceph in our datacenter in Sweden or we can help you run it wherever you want. Either on-prem or colocated in third party datacenter.

S3, Block or filesystem


One cluster with several options to use and access your data. You can choose to use all three options in the same cluster which gives you a lot of flexibility.



We have years of experience, running Ceph in production with critical workloads. All from small cluster of 30 TB to bigger cluster of 600 TB



Ceph storage is cost-effective due to its open-source nature, no licensing fees, and compatibility with affordable commodity hardware. Its scalability and flexibility offer long-term savings, making it a compelling choice for businesses seeking affordable storage solutions. We offer flexible pricing based on different SLA's and size of cluster. Contact us for a price based on your needs.

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