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We focus on bringing stability to the turbulent and ever changing world of IT solutions

We provide diverse IT services: consulting, cloud storage, cloud compute capacity, managed services, large scale data and workload migrations, cost control, audit, pen-tests and stress-tests, backups, tailored “as-a-service” solutions and much more. Open-source products are a large part of our toolkit. We strive to build resilient, innovative IT solutions that keep up with the rapidly evolving tech world.

Our offer

We always start with a free needs analysis to understand your company's requirements for IT solutions. Based on that, we build a specialized and pre-packaged solution just for you. We offer the best solution, often together with other stable actors, to ensure your company has a trouble-free and well-functioning IT infrastructure. We then build long-term relationships because we want to help your company grow.

Completed projects

We migrated 1500 virtual machines from a proprietary virtualization platform to a Open source one, while also maintaining the underlying infrastructure. This helped our client save on operational cost and freed up resources for other projects.

We helped our client combine and leverage on-prem with AWS and Azure services to build a hybrid cloud solution, to stay complaint with geographical constraints.

We migrated 250 TiB of data from one storage platform to another. This included helping out picking the new storage platform, planning the migration and executing it.

Per Palmer

CEO, Comaea International

"We love working with the Constaq team - they are incredibly service minded, technically skilled and have helped us to setup and manage a highly scalable server infrastructure across multiple countries and regions."

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