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We focus on bringing stability to the turbulent and ever changing world of IT solutions

Software defined storage






Managed Hosting


Cloud Computing

Open Source



What we know

Some of the technologies, platforms, communities and equipment that we closely and actively work or have worked with in recent years.

Storage systems

Ceph (RedHat and upstream), Linstor, ZFS, NetApp, Nexenta, Compellent

Operating systems

Debian and derivatives, RHEL/CentOS and derivatives, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Microsoft servers

A mix of everything

Ansible / AWX, Puppet, Kubernetes / Docker / Podman / Swarm / LXC/LXD, Terraform, MySQL/MariaDB/Galera/Percona, MSSQL, Exchange, Active-Directory, Dovecot, Stalwart, Zimbra, Apache, Nginx, Haproxy, Varnish, Pacemaker, Corosync, Restic, Veeam, Nagios, Icinga, OpenVAS, Wazuh, Nexus, and many more.

Virtualization platforms

Openstack (with >1000 vms), VMware (with >1000 vms), Proxmox
(with >500 vms), Xen, Hyper-V, Ovirt.

Networking vendors / Protocols

Cisco, Dell/Force10, Juniper, HP, FS, Extreme, BigIP, L1/L2/L3, BGP, OSPF, RIPE, LIR,

Public clouds

AWS, Azure, Binero Cloud and other Openstack public clouds


With so many “aaS” abbreviations floating around, it can be tough to understand and pick the most relevant IT-services required to run your business most efficiently. We see our customers not as sales targets, but as partners who entrusted us with a crucial aspect of their business, and we strive to become worthy of that trust and take on new challenges together.

We start our cooperation by understanding individual business requirements and then tailor the products and solutions to yield the best results in a most cost-efficient way. Ultimately, we work with people, not computers and we understand the importance of a lasting relationship in the turbulent IT world that grows more and more complex every day.


Managed Services


Backup of any data volume from public and private clouds, VMs and physical servers, support for any OS and data type. We help assess required retention periods, backup type and plan relevant backup schedule.

DevOps and IaC

We primarily use Git version control in conjunction with Ansible and AWX / Tower to automate and manage infrastructure deployment and operations.

Performance metrics, scaling and optimization

We build up simple or complex performance collecting services and analytics solutions to store performance metrics of hardware, resources, applications over a required period of time. Stress-testing can also be done to simulate peak load conditions and scale and optimize systems accordingly.


We use open source tools to monitor resources and services and send notifications through any required communication channels if there’s a cause for concern. We either notify you and your team, or we establish routines for receiving alarm notifications ourselves and correcting the issues.

Infrastructure as a Service

We provide compute resources, manage and take responsibility for your IT infrastructure entirely or partly depending on what suits your business demands best.

Security hardening and pen testing

We use open source industry proven tools to scan and assess publicly exposed resources, servers and network services to look for potential security threats and weak points.



We manage and take responsibility for your IT infrastructure entirely or partly depending on what suits your business demands and in-house IT competence the best.

Cost control

Collecting performance metrics, optimizing resources footprint, fine-tuning system components, taking advantage of industry-standard open source technologies – all of these measures can have great positive impact on your IT budget.

Cloud migration

Do you need to migrate from one provider to another? Merge or split various parts of the platform? Constaq is ready to help with planning, testing and executing all of the migration aspects and post-op maintenance procedures.

Public clouds

We help SaaS companies manage cost and improve performance in public clouds like AWS and Azure.

Hybrid cloud

Integrating private and public cloud services, based on your business requirements. It’s not a trivial task to ensure that complex distributed solutions are secure and perform well, but we love taking on those challenges together with our partners.

Red Hat

We have the RHCSA and RHCE certifications and can help you with Red Hat products.

Examples of completed projects

We migrated 1500 virtual machines from a proprietary virtualization platform to a Open source one, while also maintaining the underlying infrastructure. This helped our client save on operational cost and freed up resources for other projects.

We helped our client combine and leverage on-prem with AWS and Azure services to build a hybrid cloud solution,

to stay complaint with geographical constraints.

We helped our client migrate 250 TiB of data from one storage platform to another. This included helping out picking the new storage platform, planning the migration and executing it.


Per Palmer

CEO, Comaea International

"We love working with the Constaq team - they are incredibly service minded, technically skilled and have helped us to setup and manage a highly scalable server infrastructure across multiple countries and regions."

Leverage our knowledge and experience in your IT-infrastructure

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